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Hey everyone — welcome to The Intersection! We are a sports blog founded by a bunch of high school kids in 2017 that just love sports. We are Yankees fans, Red Sox fans, Giants, Patriots, Bruins, Rangers, Knicks, and Celtics fans. Seeing as we like these teams, we don’t agree on a lot of things. But, we somehow manage to be able to openly discuss our teams as well as all of the leagues passionately, so we figured to take it to the internet.

As far as what you can expect for content, we will do things like game recaps, summaries of recent events, trades and potential rumors, draft previews, season previews, as well as reflecting on past moves teams have made, so there is a good variety of content. We try to post as frequently as possible, so a few posts per week is ideal, but please keep in mind that we are high school seniors, so time sometimes isn’t on our side.

We also occasionally do giveaways for things like tickets, so be sure that you subscribe here and on YouTube, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter! Cheers!

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