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Why Dave Dombrowski is Under the Most Pressure out of Anyone from the Red Sox

The 2018 Red Sox season could not be going any better. 70 wins. The top offense in Baseball. And a 5 game lead over the Bronx Bombers. Virtually every player on the roster has delivered when called upon and many have exceeded expectations. Yet, even with this historic season, the organization is under extreme pressure to win when it matters most. Most if not all this pressure should fall upon an individual who never steps foot between the foul lines. That person is General Manager Dave Dombrowski.

For those that follow baseball and the management of the sport, Dombrowski is touted as one of the most professional and experienced GM’s in the game. He is known for his bold moves and fearless decisions to deal prospects for big name MLB players. Despite the great perception surrounding Dombrowski, is it out of line to call him overrated? In Dombrowski’s 30 years of baseball management, he has only once built a championship team. 20 years ago, with the Florida Marlins. However, his well has run dry a bit.

Since then, he has constructed MLB rosters that generally produce in the regular season but always fail to find that same success in the playoffs. Take his 14-year stint with the Detroit Tigers as great example of this. In his final five years with the club, Dombrowki’s club won the AL Central four times. Despite this, they continuously failed to capture wins in October. Over these years Dombrowksi gutted his farm system for big name players that could not produce in big game situations. Dombrowski was released by the Tigers on August 4th. Since then, the Tigers were left in shambles and are still trying to rebuild to this day.

What Dombrowski did with the Tigers should not be overlooked, for he is taking the same path with this Red Sox team. In his two years in Beantown, Dombrowski has put together a team that has won back to back division titles. He has also put together a team that has only won a single playoff game in these two years. Dombrowski has acquired big names such as Chris Sale, David Price, Craig Kimbrel, Drew Pomeranz, and JD Martinez. In completing some of these acquisitions, Dombrowski has dried up the farm system and put the Red sox in a tough situation come this trade deadline.

The Sox may be in a great position right now, but that does not mean they should be settling at the deadline. With an unproven and underperforming playoff rotation, management must deliver with a bullpen or starting arm to avoid flunking out of the playoffs once again. The problem is exactly what was stated above: Dombrowski has dried up the farm system. Any ammunition the Sox used to have is gone. To upgrade the bullpen or starting rotation, Dombrowski will be forced to deal from the Major-league roster.

Given Dombrowski’s track record and the teams historic season thus far, he must deliver. If Dombrowski cannot come through and lead this team to a championship, he will only continue to back the notion that he is one of the most overrated general managers to work in the sports world.

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