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Boston Red Sox: An Inside Look 6-24

Boston Red Sox: An Inside Look 6-24

Here is a look at how the Red Sox have been doing over the past few series.

Last 10 Games-

5-5 (W-L)

6/23 – Mariners (7-2) Red Sox
6/22 – Red Sox (14-10) Mariners
6/21 – Red Sox (9-2) Twins
6/20 – Twins (4-1) Red Sox
6/19 – Twins (6-2) Red Sox
6/17 – Red Sox (9-3) Mariners
6/16 – Mariners (1-0) Red Sox
6/15 – Mariners (7-6) Red Sox
6/14 – Red Sox (2-1) Mariners
6/13 – Red Sox (5-1) Orioles

Upcoming Series-

6/22 – 6/24: Mariners at Red Sox (3)

6/26 – 6/28: Angels at Red Sox (3)

6/29 – 7/1: Red Sox at Yankees (3)

7/2 – 7/4: Red Sox at Nationals (3)

Who’s Hot (Last Seven Games) –

Batters –

Mitch Moreland: 11/23 (.478 AVG), 5 RBI
JD Martinez: 9/25 (.423 AVG), 5 RBI
Rafael Devers: 7/25 (.280 AVG), 7 RBI

Pitchers –

Rick Porcello: 7 IP, 0.00 ERA, 5 SO
Chris Sale: 7 IP, 2.57 ERA 11 SO
Brian Johnson: 3.2 IP, 2.45 ERA 5 SO

Analysis –

The Red Sox have been averaging 5 runs per game over the last ten games, to put that in perspective the Red Sox have scored an average of 5.16 runs per game over the course of the entire season. Before the offensive explosion against the Mariners, JD Martinez and Mookie Betts had only driven in only one run over the previous seven games, but with that being said JD had himself a night and hit a home run and drove in 5 runs leading the Red Sox back from a 10-5 deficit. With JD out of his RBI “slump” look for the Red Sox to catch fire in the next couple weeks when they play their most important series of the year against the Yankees.

On the other hand, JBJ’s struggles have continued and he is sporting a .178 AVG on the year to date. Besides having a batting average below the Mendoza Line (AVG<.200) Jackie Bradley Jr. had the highest exit velocity in the majors over the course of June. All of these hard hit balls did nothing for Bradley as he currently has a .232 BABIP (Batting Average for Balls in Play), showing that JBJ has been one of the unluckiest hitters in all of the major leagues so far this season. I would expect JBJ’s average to slowly improve but, he is still far from a consistent contributor to the lineup. Furthermore, I would not be surprised if the Red Sox traded him before the deadline in order to add another bullpen arm.

Looking Ahead to the Trade Deadline –

With the Red Sox only having a few good options in the later innings due to the loss of Carson Smith and the unreliability of Matt Barnes, the Red Sox need to look into the possibility of adding another arm at the trade deadline. Brad Hand from San Diego is perhaps the best arm available at the deadline, but the word out of San Diego is the price for Hand is a young everyday player like Rafael Devers. Personally, I believe that the price for Hand is too high and I would prefer for the Red Sox to a lesser arm like they did last year when they traded for Addison Reed. There is an in-house solution to the bullpen problem, but it is rather far-fetched. The Red Sox drafted a superstar closer out of Texas Christian University earlier this June, Durbin Feltman, and if he pitches the same way as he did for TCU he could be called up to the big leagues much sooner rather than later.

The only other glaring hole in this Red Sox team is the bench. Alex Cora rarely uses his bench and the numbers have shown, as the Red Sox bench players are tied for third fewest plate appearances in the majors. As the trade deadline approaches many different names will be linked with Boston and I believe the answer is already here. Brock Holt is quietly hitting .294 and has 17 RBI’s in 136 AB’s, and has been underused by Cora and the Red Sox. If Cora decides to lay Holt more often the lingering trade rumors about adding another bat to the bench will quiet down.

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