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Post NBA Draft Reaction: Potential Stars, Busts, and Sleepers

Post NBA Draft Reaction: Potential Stars, Busts, and Sleepers

NBA Draft Recap

The 2018 draft lacked highly anticipated action due to the lack of players dealt and the overbearing questions about Lebron’s upcoming decision, but the draft never fails to provide action-packed predictions on who is going to make it in the league and who is going to flop. In reality, most draftees rarely see court time in their young careers especially after the top 10 picks, but there are always stars that emerge such as last years’ 13th selection, Donovan Mitchell. Who will emerge as the next Donovan Mitchell-like sleeper? Will Luka Doncic fill the shoes of the all-time great Dirk Nowitzki or will he be the next Darko Miličić?

Future Stars

Mohamed Bamba

The 7-foot physical specimen out of Texas possesses an enormous 8-foot wingspan, which certainly helped him average 3.7 blocked shots per game which ranked second nationally. Bamba also led the Big 12 in double-doubles with 15. What is impressive about Bamba comes from his ability to impress in big games against star opponents. Bamba posted a stellar stat line of 22 points and 15 rebounds against Kansas while also grabbing his career-high eight blocks later against the Jayhawks. If Bamba fills out and increases his strength, there seems to be little doubt that he will become one of the NBA’s elite rim protectors. The Orlando Magic have been searching for their rim protector since the days of Dwight Howard, and now, they have found their guy in Bamba.

Colin Sexton


Colin Sexton A.K.A “the young bull” proved to be a tenacious scorer in college in his freshman year at Alabama averaging 19.2 points on 45 percent shooting – posting 29 double-digit scoring games in his single season which included 16 games of 20 more points. Sexton was the clear pick here to help persuade Lebron to stay in Cleveland simply because Sexton can space the floor and provide security on the perimeter for Lebron to kick out to. Sexton is the clear best two-way point guard in the draft considering his high scoring potential and his defensive abilities. Colin Sexton is “the man”, and is the man that the Cavaliers will need whether Lebron chooses to leave Cleveland or stay. Sexton has proved his ability to make big shots and has shown his extreme work ethic which will be his key to success in the NBA.



Jaren Jackson Jr.

Sure, Jackson swatted 5.5 shots per 40 minutes, and that was while he was often defending from the power forward spot, but his offensive skillset is lacking. His moves are predictable, and he rarely creates his own shot which is a big red flag for the Grizzlies. Jackson registered a high 17.4 turnover percentage, and there were many games where he wasn’t productive or effective offensively. Another red flag was that Jackson averaged 5.9 fouls per 40 minutes limiting his efficiency at Michigan State. The potential is there, but for the 4th pick in the draft, there doesn’t seem to be enough potential offensive production to fulfill his high selection.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

 Image result for shai gilgeous-alexander

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander landed on the Clippers who did, in fact, need a point guard of the future, but Alexander’s lack of explosiveness as a point guard is concerning for a guard in today’s NBA. His advantages are his 6’6 size and his crafty play which was more effective in the second half of his season at Kentucky which started to put him on the map. He ranked in the 35th percentile in transition, and he converted fewer than 37.0 percent of his righty and lefty drives out of isolation. Alexander’s will most likely contribute off the bench in his first and second years in the league as he needs time to develop his unproven shot and offensive efficiency.


Kevin Huerter


Huerter draws NBA comparisons to Kyle Korver, Joe Ingles, and Klay Thompson, and for good reason. Huerter is 6’7 and has one of the smoothest jump shots in the nation. He shot 41.7 percent from three in his sophomore year at Maryland showing his strong ability to pull up and spot up from downtown. His release is along the lines of Korver and Ray Allen who have both thrived in their times in the NBA of spot up shooting. Now, Kevin Huerter is not the most explosive playmaker or the imposing defender teams look for, but the Hawks picked him for a reason. Shooting, shooting, and more shooting. Huerter doesn’t take many low percentage or off-balance shots so there is a very small chance he hurts Atlanta offensively in any way. The sky is the limit for the wing out of Maryland.




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