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One Way the Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Has Affected Tom Brady

When Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers, many fans were oblivious to the way that it would affect Tom Brady. At the time of the trade, fans concluded that the patriots had essentially traded away 10 years of potentially great QB play for a guaranteed 2-3 more years of great QB play and Super Bowl contention. Furthermore, they claimed that the Jimmy G trade would not hurt the Patriots until the post-Brady era. What if I told you that the trading of Jimmy Garoppolo is hurting the patriots right now and is having a major effect on the way Tom Brady is approaching football moving forward?

When Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted, all we heard from Brady was how much longer he was going to play. How he is going to redefine what being an old athlete is and play into his mid-forties. Since the shipping out of Jimmy G, have we seen this same urgency from Brady?

Brady has neglected to show up for optional workouts, spending seemingly more time on the red carpet and overseas than on the football field. This doesn’t seem like the Brady that we have been seemingly promised to have. The problem is that the Coach Belichick and the rest of his staff cannot do anything about it. Brady has all the leverage. TB12 is in a position where he knows he is the starting day quarterback no matter what he does. There no longer worry of Jimmy stealing the show and taking his throne.

Although Brady’s absence could also be partly due to his rift will Bill Belichick, one thing is certain: If Jimmy Garoppolo were still a part of this team, Brady would be at optional workouts. He would be getting extra reps with his inexperienced wideouts and putting in extra work for the whole public to see. The fact is the trading of Jimmy G hasn’t only hurt the pats personnel, but it has decimated their day to day relations.

The trading of Jimmy G has done more than just leave the patriots long term future in doubt. It has contributed to a dynamic where number 12 has more power than the most highly regarded coach of all time.

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