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FIFA 2018 World Cup Predictions: Will Germany Repeat?

The absence of the US in this year’s World Cup is surely disappointing, but don’t let that stray you away from following arguably the greatest sporting event. Names like Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar lead the surplus of talent in this year’s competition. Germany is attempting to become the first back to back World Cup champion since 1962 when Brazil took down Czechoslovakia. World-renowned teams such as Italy, Netherlands, and Chile failed to qualify opening up spots for Panama and Iceland who will each be making their first World Cup appearances. England and Belgium have been known to disappoint and exit early, but a younger English squad featuring phenomenal striker Harry Kane look to prove the doubters wrong, as well as Kevin De Bruyne and his talented Belgium squad. The main question this World Cup surrounds Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Will one of the two most talented players in the game’s history capture their first World Cup? The 2018 World Cup is here and will surely not disappoint. Here are my Predictions:


Group A:   1. Uruguay  2. Russia  3. Egypt  4. Saudi Arabia

Group B:   1. Spain  2. Portugal  3. Iran  4. Morocco

Group C:   1. France  2. Peru  3. Denmark  4. Australia

Group D:   1. Argentina  2. Croatia  3. Nigeria  4. Iceland

Group E:   1. Brazil  2. Switzerland  3. Costa Rica  4. Serbia

Group F:   1. Germany  2. Mexico  3. Sweeden  4. South Korea

Group G:  1. Belgium  2. England  3. Panama  4. Tunisia

Group H:  1. Colombia  2. Poland  3. Senegal  4. Japan

Knockout Stage:

Other Predictions:

Sleeper teams that could make some noise:

Croatia: The duo in the midfield of Luka Modric and Ivan Rakatic could cause some major havoc for other teams. The 6’3 forward Mario Mandžukić will lead Croatia in goals while also pressuring opposing defenses.

Peru: Peru certainly looks to advance to the knockout stage which shouldn’t be too difficult a task due to the weak Group C. With star striker and captain Paolo Guerrero officially back on the roster, Peru will look to potentially knock off Lionel Messi and Argentina.

Who will Disappoint?

Mexico and Argentina will once again disappoint supporters because of stiff competition and lack of past World Cup success. As for Mexico, it will be the same story of high hopes and early exits. Lionel Messi has yet to capture the coveted World Cup trophy, but there seems to be a small window of potential success for this Argentinian squad.


Golden Ball: Luis Suarez, Uruguay

Golden Boot: Antoine Griezmann, France

2018 World Cup Winner:

France: France’s time to shine is right now, and although this will not be an easy task, the squad is way too talented from top to bottom to exit the big stage. Star Antoine Griezmann will take home the Golden boot and prodigy Kylian Mbappe will show the world how talented he really is and will play with little pressure.


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