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Recapping an Unbelievable Series for Red Sox Rookies

What we saw this weekend is something you likely will not see for a long, long time.


Rafael Devers’ game tying home run in the 9th was one of the most impressive at bats you will ever see, let’s look into some of the numbers here.


First off, Rafael Devers is 20 years old. 20. He was playing in Double A a month ago. He’s the second youngest player in the league just older than Atlanta Braves rookie Ozzie Albies. His opposite field power is ridiculous, as he showed off Aroldis Chapman last night.


Chapman’s pitch was 103 mph (!!!!), and Devers turned it around to hit it at 106. That is the fastest pitch hit for a home run in the velocity era (2008). Devers did something nobody has ever been recorded doing as a 20 years old. To the opposite field. In the 9th inning. To tie the game. In a critical Red Sox – Yankees Sunday night game. Unbelievable.


Chapman has not be “right” at points this season. But he had it last night. He blew by Hanley Ramirez with 3 100+ mph fastballs perfectly located. He continued for the first 3 pitches against Devers, until Devers roped one opposite field 423’. That’s not a pop fly Yankees Stadium home run, that is a laser to the opposite field. Chapman had allowed 1 home run to a left handed batter in his career prior to last night, and it was in 2011 to Luke Scott. He had not allowed a home run to a left handed batter in 6 years, and a 20 year old Devers took him deep to the opposite field on a 103 mph pitch.


I’ll say it again for the people in the back. He is TWENTY.


Andrew Benintendi had a decent series as well.


He took Jaime Garcia deep for 388’ on Friday, then took Luis Severino, one of the best pitchers in the AL this year not named Sale or Kluber, deep twice for 2 three run blasts to break the game open on saturday. A 407’ bomb and 375’ liner off the top of the wall leading to a 10-5 Red Sox win Saturday. He came up clutch on Sunday as well producing the game winning RBI in the 10th inning off Tommy Kahnle.


Did I mention he’s 23?


Benintendi has hit .457 in the month of august with a 1.410 OPS in the month of August. In the same timespan, 25 year old Aaron Judge has hit .158.


This is just a sneak peek of what both Benintendi and Devers are going to be doing for 10+ years to come against the Yankees and 28 other teams.


And it’s going to be really fun.


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