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A Yankees Day Trip All the Way from Boston 

Sam and I have been very good friends for the last five years. In fact, we got to initially know each other because of our support for the Yankees. We went to a game in New York in 2012 and 2014, and decided to do round three this year.

Planning this trip out in advance, we decided to go to the game against Milwaukee completely on a whim, because it was a Saturday, tickets were decently cheap, and the train fare wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, two of our guys bailed, but Sam’s buddy Ty tagged along – he’s a Dodgers fan who also likes the Yankees out of the AL, so it worked out.

Wow, what an unbelievable day.

The Journey

It’s 6 AM, and Sam and I arrive at South Station in Boston. We’re eager as can be to hop on the train and get to the Big Apple. After discovering that the Dunkin Donuts doesn’t do breakfast sandwiches (???), he got a coffee, and we both scrambled to the next breakfast place to get some food and then quickly make it onto the train. Ty got on 15 minutes later at Route 128, and we were off to New York.

Our train got to Penn Station at 11, and we decided to venture down to Brooklyn before the game to walk around Dumbo and across the bridge. The views of Lower Manhattan from there are spectacular.

What a view.

On a side note, bikers should not be allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only are they annoying, but there’s just too much foot traffic there for it to be safe, not only for pedestrians, but for the bikers themselves. Sam can be quoted saying, “Bro I swear to God if one more biker gets in my grill, I’m dropping the gloves.” Every three seconds, it seemed like there was a new biker. Sam even stepped out of the way of one to clear space, and he still made a beeline right at him, which infuriated him, but we all laughed about it on the train.

After walking the bridge, the three of us jumped on the 4 train and were at the Stadium by first pitch. Here was our view:

A good crowd too!

The Yankees Game

The game got off to a bad start for the Bombers. Travis Shaw faked his way to a hit-by-pitch, much to the chagrin of the hometown crowd. The next batter, Domingo Santana, parked a three-run home run into the first row in right field. We thought the ball would’ve died, but it is Yankee Stadium…

From there, it was a pitcher’s duel. Severino and Suter shut down the bats until the seventh inning, racking up strikeout after strikeout. Frazier got the Yankees’ first hit in the fifth inning.

In the seventh inning, Headley hit a ground-rule double into the bullpen. Ellsbury followed with a single, which brought up Clint Frazier. The stadium now had some life again after having nothing to cheer for all game. After a pickoff error, Headley scored, and Ellsbury moved to third. Still, within the same at-bat, Frazier pounded a ball off the wall for a triple, and the Stadium went nuts. It was weird – Frazier’s ball was hit so low but so hard, and it carried all the way to the wall. Sam and I thought the ball was out initially; it took a weird bounce after landing too. This wasn’t the only Frazier ball to be hit low and hard…

Unfortunately, the Yanks couldn’t finish off the inning and had a weak eighth. After Betances and Chapman reverted to their old selves, it was rally time in the ninth.

Didi worked a leadoff walk on four pitches. Headley struck out. Ellsbury walked on four pitches, setting the stage for Clint Frazier. Frazier took a ball for the first pitch of the at-bat, then got set for his second chance, as seen here in this picture taken by Sam.

Frazier swung with all his might, and, well…

Frazier hit a line-drive laser into the seats in left for a walk-off dinger. The Stadium went nuts. Everyone in our section was high-fiving and screaming as Frazier rounded the bases. Similar to his triple, the ball didn’t get hit very high, but it got hit hard.

Pumped up? You better believe it.

After things calmed down, we all hopped on the 4 train and went to Brooklyn to check out the Barclays Center, and a street mural nearby.

After checking those out, we made our way to West 4th via the D train to get some pizza from Joe’s. That’s a great place if you want a good slice in a pinch, by the way. After our brief pizza stop, we got back on the subway to Penn.

And we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

The train got delayed two hours, which didn’t make us or anybody around us happy at all. When it finally pulled in at 8:50, we sprinted to the track, got on, and rode it out until we finally got back to Route 128 at 12:56.

An absolutely unreal day spent watching baseball and exploring the city. Sam and I will be back with more next week when the Yankees come into Boston, so stay tuned!

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