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With the Sox Rolling, Why are They Still so Unlikable?

The Red Sox are 28-14 since dropping to .500 on May 20th, arguably playing the best baseball in not just the AL but the whole league. They have explosive young talent, a potent bullpen, and some veterans who are manning the core of this team. Yet, from a fan’s perspective they’re a team that is unlikable and  just flat out hard to root for. Why? Maybe it starts with three players who combine to make 400 million over their tenures with the club:

Hanley Ramirez

Remember when Hanley vowed at the beginning of this year that he would fill the void of David Ortiz? Remember when Hanley actually claimed Ortiz’s locker in hopes to have an impact like David? Good try Hanley, you almost got us…

Ramirez has not come close to having the impact of Papi, neither on the field nor off. In fact, one of his criticisms from the start of his career has surfaced again: he’s a self-centered player who lacks compete. Aside from the fact that he is hitting an underwhelming .260, Ramirez’s stubbornness to not man first base every once in a while has left John Farrell with less roster flexibility. Although Hanley states a shoulder injury is to blame, it’s hard to defend him considering his track record and that Mitch Moreland is playing first on a broken toe.

The thing with Hanley is that his talent has never been the question – it’s been whether he wants to win or not. Winning players sacrifice and work for the team. Hanley does not. I do believe Ramirez when he said that he wants to fill the void left by David, but it’s obvious that it was only the DH position that he wanted to fill. Until Hanley changes, he will continually cast a dark light over the team and the success they are looking to obtain.

David Price

Some things just don’t go together. Peanut Butter does not go with whipped cream, dogs don’t go with cats, and well…David Price does not go with Boston. He hates the Boston fans, the media, probably the chowder and even the accent. HE HATES US, HE HATES BOSTON!

Price is slated to make 217 million dollars over his seven years with the Sox. The problem is Price seems to be producing 217 million headaches. Although pitching decently well with a record of 4-2 and an ERA of 4.02, Price’s outbursts with multiple members of the media has left the public asking, “What the hell are you doing David?!” It seems as if Price’s perception in the public eye has become his only focus, not pitching. After an altercation on the team plane with Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley, many questioned Price’s professionalism. Having a problem with somebody is totally normal and understandable, but handle it behind closed doors, not in front of the whole team.  To David Price I say: Let the media do their job, and you just pitch.

Pablo Sandoval

At least 95 Million Dollars will ensure Pablo never goes hungry…

Looking Forward

The thing with the Red Sox is that they are playing well, in fact really well. Maybe they can even take this hot streak all the way into October and be standing on top of the baseball world in the end of it. Despite their strong play, there are numerous aspects of the team that are just not likable. The problem with this is unlikable players often add to the turmoil when times get tough, so if the Sox skid, there will be no other place to look. But let the winning keep coming for now. Let’s see how things are come September.



  1. Matt Hart

    July 5, 2017 at 10:42 PM

    Completely agree. Sox need to drop the panda ASAP. He isn’t helping the team from a winning perspective, the fan perspective, or even the reputation of the team at all.

    • Alex Hill

      July 5, 2017 at 10:44 PM

      Great minds think alike my mans

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