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Was the NHL Jersey Reveal Overhyped?

When adidas signed a contract with the NHL for jersey production, hockey fans collectively trembled with fear. Would adidas wreck a classic uniform like the Rangers or Canadiens with their 3-stripe brandmark? Would there be ads? What would the Vegas Golden Knights duds look like.

All of these questions were answered Tuesday night in T-Mobile Arena in downtown Las Vegas. All 31 teams revealed their new looks at the NHL’s Uniform Reveal. Some teams, like the Wild, unveiled new uniforms. Some, like the Bruins, tweaked their current look. About half the teams kept their home and road jerseys exactly the same. Let’s explore all 31 NHL uniforms:


Ducks – no changes.

Coyotes – no changes.

Bruins – Small changes, but good ones. The Bruins removed the black outline in the numbers and lettering to clean up the look. It’s similar to their old alternate jersey’s lettering/numbering. Also, the socks have switched from yellow to black, again similar to the old alternate.

Sabres – A subtle change, but a very good one. Buffalo removed the silver piping on the front of the jersey. Also, the pointless gray under the armpit has been removed as well. Not quite the return to royal blue that some wanted, but an upgrade nonetheless.

Flames – Definitely an upgrade, but there still could’ve been more. The atrocious piping was removed – a huge upgrade, but the resulting look feels a bit bland. A lot of people wanted a return to the white flaming C from the 1990s, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Hurricanes – A big upgrade for the Canes. They brought black back into the mix on the sleeves and waist stripe. The uniforms are very similar to the ones used during their Stanley Cup Finals run. Also, a return of the hurricane flags!

Blackhawks – No changes.


Avalanche – Another huge upgrade. Gone is the atrocious piping and uniforms that are associated with losing. Making a return are the original jerseys that won 2 Stanley Cups. They feature no piping, the colors burgundy, blue, and gray, and the mountain peak waist stripe is back as well.

Blue Jackets – Just one subtle change. The number font has switched to that on the old alternate jersey.

Stars – adidas jersey names and numbers can now be perforated if desired, and the Stars have decided to switch to those. The new numbers are 60% lighter than the ones on the Reebok jersey.

Apparently the collar on the new uniforms has come under fire…

Red Wings – No changes.

Oilers ­­– The shade of navy has been darkened, the orange has been brightened, and the stripes on both the arm and waist are now more spaced out. Also, perforated numbers.

Panthers – Switched to the perforated font.

Kings – No changes.

Wild – A re-design done right! The Wild have smartly ditched their red jerseys at home, switching full-time to a green sweater. Similar to the Montreal Canadiens, the Wild have a stripe running across the jersey in the center, and continuing to the arms. Another good move by Minnesota was to make the logos on both the green and white jerseys uniform (no pun intended).

Canadiens – No changes.

Predators – Well…it’s cleaner…right? The new Predators jersey is basically the old one minus a lot of unnecessary piping that people were clamoring to remove. It’s not bad, but it does feel kind of bland. Some have said it looks like a Chinese knock-off, which … you decide. We’re not disagreeing.

Devils – Here’s the getup that has fans up in arms. The waist stripe is gone, and the arm stripes have thickened. Why change a good look when the one prior wasn’t bad? On the bright side, the jerseys should look better on the ice.

Islanders – No changes.

Rangers – No changes.

Senators – A boring style of play, a boring uniform, and…another boring uniform? The Senators missed a gigantic opportunity here to do something, anything, different. Instead of listening to the public and switching full-time to these…

…they have the exact same jersey minus the new perforated numbering. Big-time opportunity by the wayside here.

Flyers – No changes.

Penguins – No changes.

Sharks – Modified shoulder patch with a more aggressive-looking shark. Snap!

I hope your girlfriend didn’t get stolen…

Blues – The numbers have switched from yellow to white to match the name. It’s a subtle change, but an effective one.

Lightning – No changes.

Maple Leafs – No changes.

Canucks – No changes.

Golden Knights – The look everyone has been waiting for! A gray jersey with arm striping of black, gold, and red, and a thin gold stripe on the waist on top of a thicker black stripe. The arm striping is similar to that of the Coyotes’ sweater. Overall, a nice job, right?

Capitals – No changes.

Jets – No changes.

All 31 Teams:

And there you have it, all of the uniform changes for the 2017-18 NHL season! Overall, adidas did a nice job of not “wrecking the NHL” as so many fans dreaded, but that can arguably be a bad thing. While, for example, the Wild did a great job with their new threads, teams like the Devils, Predators, and Flames could’ve done something different and more unique, but instead stuck with uniforms that are beginning to look a bit dated. Simpler can be a good thing and a bad thing; in this case, it’s both. What should be agreed on by all is that this jersey release was overhyped; 13 teams were rumored to have new jerseys, and most of the changes were subtle, and certainly not deserving of a hyped-up reveal altogether.


Which one is your favorite? Will you buy the new adidas jerseys, or get a Reebok one before they go out of stock?

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