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Hello everyone,


We are pleased to announce the start of The Intersection! Now, you’re probably wondering what The Intersection is. It’s a sports  blog. But not your typical sports blog…


We will primarily be focusing on all things Boston and New York, because why not write about the two cities who hate each other the most? Reversing the curse, 18-1, there is so much history and bad blood between the cities, it’s incredible. There is no dedicated website to strictly these two cities, so we’re here to fill that void. We’re here to cover all things sports, as well as other things within the cities, and promote rivalry.


Now, if you like our content, and are thinking, “wow, these guys should cover the NBA Finals even though the Celtics got knocked out by the Cavs and the Knicks, well…”, you’re in luck: we’ll do some around the leagues stuff as well. Along with that will be weekly recaps of how the cities’ teams did, and anything that is interesting in the world of sports. Because of the extent of all the pro seasons, there will be content every month of the year, and frequently at that.


What started as a simple idea has now finally come to fruition, so here’s to an excellent year in sports!


Sam, Leighton, & Jonny

The Intersection Staff

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