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Assessing the Celtics Draft Situation

If you are a victim of the Jimmy Butler trade rumors…. this is the article for you. Let’s be honest, Danny Ainge just will not pull the trigger on a trade with the Bulls which is the best thing for the Celtics. Whatever Danny ends up doing will be best for the team. Just 3 years ago we had a lineup that consisted off washed up Jameer Nelson, Jeff Green, and Rajon Rondo at one point. Now look where we are; A 1st place team in the East, with a stud in Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, and many other key pieces around them.

There have been many rumors going around that the Celtics are in serious trade talks with the 76ers for the number 1 overall pick. Here is why this may be a good trade for us whatever the package may be: The 76ers seem to appear somewhat desperate for this pick for whatever the reason may be and oh does Danny love taking advantage of desperation ex. Brooklyn Nets fiasco. Danny is in the driver’s seat because the Celtics are not desperate. In all honesty, the Celtics are not going to beat the Cavs anytime soon even if we get Gordon Hayward, so Danny can just keep adding young pieces to build for the future and strike when Lebron is at the lowest point in his career. A package from the 76ers could include the 3rd pick in this year’s draft plus another potential top 5 pick in next years draft to accompany our Brooklyn Nets lottery pick as well. Completing this move would also give us more financial flexibility to potentially sign Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fultz’s game, he is an elite scorer and unbelievable in the pick and roll, but I think possibly getting a Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum, or a Lonzo Ball at #3  is not too much of a downgrade.

For all the Josh Jackson haters calling him a Jaylen Brown 2.0, why is that a bad thing? Although I would have to disagree with you because I think they have different games, I was very impressed with what Jaylen did for the team this year. He improved his shot and showed impressive flashes of his athleticism. Jaylen will eventually turn into a 2 guard and Josh Jackson will man the 3 spot. If you are worried about Jackson’s shot which obviously is a concern, Jaylen had the same problem coming out of college but was able to hit some key 3s this year. Whoever the pick or trade may involve, you just have to trust Danny. He knows what is best for the Celtics and we all just have to go along with it.

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